Ep 14 - Soledad Nuñez

Episode Summary

Captivated by social poverty and inequality, Soledad Nuñez forged a path from an early age that would eventually land her the role of Minister of Housing and Habitat in her native Paraguay, at just 31 years of age. A civil engineer with a passion for building and housing, she led a team of 15,000 youth to build over 35,000 houses for her country’s most vulnerable families. Fueled by a desire to make a difference despite challenges or lack of resources, this World Economic Forum Young Global Leader shares her journey in a male-dominated society and how breaking down barriers and cultural beliefs is, in fact, possible.

Episode Notes

This is a special episode in Spanish with an English transcription, in which Soledad’s journey will invite you to believe change is attainable. From an early age Soledad was taught to be an independent thinker and carve her path in the world through hard work and determination. Despite being told Civil Engineering was a career for men, she went on to graduate at the top of her class in an 8:100 women to men ratio. When the goals she set forth for her cabinet were deemed as “too high” or “unachievable,” her results surpassed any previous term’s results and became Latin America’s benchmark for housing projects for those in need. She invites all listeners to become engaged citizens and for policymakers to fight against the resistance that is constant in the public sector.